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What is an Ethical Will?

Ethical wills are a way to share your love with family and close friends. Think of an ethical will as a heartfelt letter describing what truly matters most in your life. An ethical will passes on life lessons, values, joys, prayers, hopes, and dreams for present and future generations.

Unlike a Last Will and Testament or a Living Will, an ethical will is NOT a legal document. An ethical will describes your treasures of the heart, not your treasures. !

Why should you write your ethical will?

Quite simply, there is no one else like YOU! You have incredible wisdom and experience to share—no matter what your age or background. Your ethical will has the potential to affect multiple generations perhaps even hundreds of years from now. Therefore, an ethical will is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your children and grandchildren.

Once you complete your free ethical will using our tool below, it is important to put your ethical will in a safe place—someplace where those you love will be sure to find it someday (perhaps with your Last Will and Testament). You may also want to share your ethical will with your family and friends at the time you write it. An ethical will certainly can help in communicating how you really feel and it may be a great conversation starter.


How Does Free Ethical Will Work?

On the next page, you will have the opportunity to answer some standard ethical will questions. Select the question from the drop down box that you wish to answer, if you do not wish to answer 1 or more of the questions, just do not select them. Fill in the answer in text box provided. You can edit any question or answer in the text box at any point in time.

When you are done, click the button at the bottom of the page that says "Build Your Free Ready-to-Print Ethical Will". A link to the PDF document of your free ethical will appear at the top of the page that says "View Your Free Ethical Will". Click this link and a new window will open with your ethical will. creates your ethical will as a PDF document. This does require that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Click here to download Acrobat Reader. does not save your ethical will. You must print this or save it to your computer at the time of your writing. Once you open your Ethical Will, you can save or print it. is made possible by support and sponsorship from (It's Time to Tell Your Story). Please visit our sponsors if you find this site valuable and informative. is limited to a smaller subset of questions and topics and limited to a single page output for an ethical will. You can purchase an extended ethical will template for $19.95. This extended version allows for saving of your ethical so that it can be retrieved from our servers later, unlimited number of pages, and an extended set of questions and topics.

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